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Like our name implies, we ferociously focus on what we do best: Empower our people and our clients to - CHASE THEIR LION.


Our people matter to us. We work with our pack as they courageously pursue their goals because their success is our success. They are not a number, they are our pride and we treat them as such. 


For our clients, our pack is committed to providing accurate and timely financials so that you can make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability. We help restaurant owners like you, do what they do best - serve delicious food with a side of awesome service! We take great pride in our work and are passionate about helping our people and clients achieve their goals.


Are you ready to CHASE YOUR LION? 


Our Founders

Key Executives

Stephanie Fox

Director of Operations

Amanda Camelo

Admin/LC Finance

Caroline Palmer

Manager of Recurring Services - Accounting

Kristin Geros

LC Brand Manager

Client Managers

Amanda Herrod
Chela Whiteman
Shighla Childers
Caleb Wireman

Operations Specialist

Kristin Contizano

Trainers/Project Team

Aaron Kennedy - Accounting
Alex Hernadez - Accounting
Anthony Cambra - Ops
Christen Zurovec - Ops
JR Frey - Accounting
Katelyn Zurovec - Ops
Michelle Gil - Ops
Pam Stampahar - Ops/Toast
Rikki Morris - Accounting
Ryan Gregg - Accounting
Tracy Meriman - Accounting

Staff Accountants

Karlie Maneotis
Michelle Williams
April Patten
Carlie Gallo
Heather Oliver
Joscelyn Muellerleile

Junior Accountants

Kristin Contizano
Channing Taylor


To know us, is to understand our heartbeat. These are more then words to help us sound good. We don't throw them around loosely. We use these as our goal post to ensure every relationship we have is fruitful and one we can be proud to share in. They make CHASING YOUR LION fun and worthwhile. You can expect to feel these through every interaction with our pack

Filament Bulb


As outside-the-box thinkers, we committed to continuously learning and improving. We innovate to solve problems and create value.

Open Sign_edited.jpg


We embrace failure as a learning opportunity.

We strive to pursue our passions, make a difference in the world, and create a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

Chained Door_edited.jpg


We live by the 200% rule. Together you and us, will each take 100% ownership for our actions and decisions. We believe in doing the right thing, even when it's not easy, because transparency and honesty are essential to building trust.



We hold ourselves to the highest standard, always chasing big audacious goals, working tirelessly to achieve them and constantly striving to improve oneself.

Sat on the Rocks


We are never afraid to take risks and try new things. We embrace change and are willing to step out of our comfort zones.

Scaling the Rocks_edited.jpg


We are determined to succeed, no matter the challenges we face. We chase big goals and dreams with unwavering persistence.

2 Puzzle Pieces _edited.jpg


We leverage each other's strengths, so together, we can achieve more. We foster an environment of open communication and mutual respect, where everyone's contributions are valued and encouraged.



We are fierce about our work and the impact we can make. We bring soul and energy to everything we do, and we believe in the power of our mission.

Interested inJoining the Pack?

Contact Lion Chaser Development Group to start on a roaring path to success.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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