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Lion Chaser Development Group Restaurant Accounting Firm


With a name like Lion Chaser Development Group, we are not your typical restaurant bookkeeping firm.


We are restaurant people with real restaurant experience making us your R365 experts!


You do the serving, and
we'll take care of the rest.

Whether you're jumping into the restaurant business for the first time or you're a seasoned veteran looking to get a fresh perspective on the books, we've got you covered!



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Houston-based Dos Ninos Enterprises is on track to become one of the largest Dave’s Hot Chicken franchisees in the U.S, but they quickly noticed they had a problem with their food costs.  Because of Dos Ninos and Lion Chaser’s lengthy industry experience, the two organizations were able to dive deep into setting up R365 to meet the growing business’s needs in the moment and the long term.  

Lion Chaser’s mission is to be a one-stop shop to support their clients’ success, whether helping with an ongoing expansion, optimizing current operations, or coordinating relationships and operations with outside service or technology providers to ensure that everything contributes toward continued success.

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“We don’t only implement R365, we use it, and that’s where the biggest strength is,” Camelo said. “We’re constantly focused on best practices, we speak the language, and we’re able to help our clients quickly bridge that gap from implementation to mastery.”


- Carlos Camelo, Managing Partner - Lion Chaser

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“They’re always open and available. They recognize the importance of this connection, so if there’s something I need, I know I have a snap answer for that. If it’s a bigger thing, they will guide me to 365 to start a support ticket and help me get the answer I need, and I’ve found that invaluable.”


-Brian Wells, CFO - Dos Ninos Enterprises

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Thank you. We will be in touch!

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